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It isn't just the bad things I remember...
...it's the whole damn show.
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9th-Oct-2016 09:23 am - 99.9 Blu-ray extras
Hi!  I come bearing raw extras from the 99.9 Blu-ray set.  Ripped by me and sized down to 800x450, for the sake of your hdd and mine.  Enjoy!



Take a look!Collapse )
28th-Jun-2011 06:01 pm - uh, hi
So I recently got some Jun/Nino/Matsumiya shop photos and I wanted to share. There may or may not be one with Matsumiya + Ohno as well.

I think a few of these photos are quite rare, so I hope there's something new here for everyone.

Clicky clicky clicky to download clicky clicky clicky

I scanned them really big, okay? Re-share or whatever but please don't claim these scans as yours, 'cause it ticks me off enough when I see it done to other people. Now go forth and spread the sexy, spicy, and surprisingly snuggly Matsumiya love!
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